Which are you?

Bears have cubs, cats have kittens, ducks have goslings, and horses have fouls.

They follow their mother until they can leave the nest,the flock, the pack, the herd whatever it maybe that when they are old enough to leave their mothers side anywhere from age 8 weeks to 2 years old.

Mothers do you ever feel like Mama Duck/Mama Bear? I do,hands up in the air mamas! You are not ALONE! My son follows me everywhere: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom-just 2 mins of peace to pee alone,PLEASE!!!!!

Sometimes I feel like the Mama Bear, or I have a  mini shadow following me and repeating after what I just said or did. Then tells me “NO!” when it’s time to clean up toys and what not!

I love my son to death,but just 5 minutes in my own bubble would be amazing!!


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