My Grandparents- Gone in a blink of an eye!

I remember being in school and we had an assignment to ask our grandparents questions about younger life, and what not, so I interviewed them many years ago and they were kind enough to share their childhood stories and love stories with me.

Here are the questions I asked and the answers I got I will label my Grandma J and my Grandpa B:


  1. Did you have any special school clothes

    J- circle skirts with black and white slack socks.

    B- Blue jeans and a white t-shirt

  2. Where did you guys meet and how?

J&B both answered at a skating rink

3. How old were you when you got married?

J- 25


4. What grade and year did you get your first job?

J- 1974 sophomore year

B- Junior High

5. How much did you make an hour?

J- $0.35/hr

B- $0.50/hr

6. When are  your birthdays?

J- August 12,1933

B- June 24,1931

7) What was your first job called?

J- Grant’s Dime Store

B- Newspaper saverage pre-press

8) What were your favorite activities?

J- play with dolls, rode bikes, color, watch movies, roller skating

B- bicycle, marbles, sling shots, roller skating

9) Where you a city, town , or country person?

J- town

B- city

10) How were the schools back then?

J- more stricked, butter paddle, sit in corners

B- more stricked, more trouble, were corrected more.

11) Did Grandpa ever join the military?

B- No, I was turned down being too light.

12) Did you have a certain bedtime?


B- yes

13) When  did you get married?

Oc0tober 21,1956 – they were married 49 years

14) What is a saying that our family has passed down through the generation?

B- If you make a mistake, it’s okay God allows “U” turns.

Sadly, my grandparents lived a few hours away so I didn’t get to see them as often as I’d liked to. They had four children, girls, one of them being my mother. In March of 2007 we unexpectedly lost Grandpa to a heart attack. He was my favorite, he had sheltie puppies and I could always play with them and give them names, one was Hercules, lol.

In the winter of 2009 Grandma was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. She did chemo and radiation for her time period that was recommended. She made it five years in remission yeah we kicked “C” in the butt. Suddenly, in May she got really sick and ended up in the hospital and of course I freaked and told my husband we need to go see her! The doctors said pneumonia but weren’t quit positive that was on Sunday when we went to return home. Come money the doctor tested the fluid in her lungs, and the dumb “C” work came back, and there wasn’t much to do.

Fifteen days in the hospital and she passed away the cancer was in her lungs and eventually made her not breathe. I saw her the two nights before she died, she was in a coma on morphine drip.. I held her hand and cried, I prayed with her knowing where or not she heard me is up to God and her. I told her it’s okay you don’t have to suffer anymore go see Jesus and Grandpa they are waiting for you and I’d see her one day when God calls me home. RIP Grandma Schorsch 5-30-14




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