First blog post

I’m starting a blog account to get people’s attention and reaction to what really goes on in people’s lives that you don’t know about. I bet you didn’t know I have a friend that had a kidney transplant and lives to tell about, she will be mentioned later. I’m also writing about family members, vent my feelings, and  eventually write a book about my blogs/life I will not be putting in my friends or families real names to keep privacy.


About me, I’m Amber, I married my husband in  June 2009, we are happily married with an almost 4 year old son. We live in a small quiet town in Illinois, yes there’s lots of “small towns” in Illinois. I love to joke around, be sarcastic, enjoy the outdoors, take pictures, animals,going to church with my family. Yes,my husband and I both grew up in Christian homes we continue that lifestyle in our home, our son loves to go to Sunday School he loves his teacher Ms. Kerri. I’ve always imagined being a mom, but never the experience I went through in delivery. That’s another story. When I was little I dreamed of being a: doctor, dentist, nurse, equestrian rider, teacher. Until I was in high school everything changed. I realized being  a doctor, was going to take me forever to finish like I’d 28 and I didn’t want to wait that long. I realized being nurse was just the unwanted work of a hospital. Dentist didn’t even come up anymore. Teaching has still not disappeared I want to homeschool my son,so yes I would be a homeschooling teacher mom. As for equestrian riding was wayyy too expensive for my budget although I loved and still do love to ride. So after high school I pretty much worked until I got pregnant two years after marriage. I worked retail, food and beverage industry, golf course as a server.  That’s why I’m doing this blog.I enjoy comments, and stories to see if any are like mine. Enjoy!!



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